Wednesday, April 12, 2017

An ideal marriage divinely arranged:Callie shares fortune with Lucy

An ideal marriage divinely arranged:Callie shares fortune with Lucy
"It's time,let he feeds you,we will have a child together,you will be the excellent mom,and I will be the excellent nanny."Callie is undressing her ex-wife,Lucy,and telling her the excited words.Bob,now the master of Callie,smiling and comes to Lucy,one of his hands is wandering up to Lucy's neck, the other hand is rubbing on her stockings covered legs.Bob's cock starts pumping her firmly.And Callie joins in the threesome kissing,they are all one now.
The ivory stockings,the fuck-me high heels,all selected by Callie,since she was Camden once opon,and she had been a submissive gurlfriend for Bob some days,she know what a real man like,especially about Bob's fetish.Fianlly Bob moans with the rush of his climax and fills Lucy's pussy with his hot seed.Callie cleans up all the leaking boner milk with her flexible tongue.
Lucy is satisfied now,she is not against polygamy,being one of Bob's girlfriend makes her more happy than before.Once She married with Camden,but Lucy found Camden could not get hard very strong.Camden said  he had some physical problems and his cock could no longer turn bigger just like a normal man. Camden also told Lucy that he often think about being a female as masturbating.
Lucy forgived Camden and helped him turn into female step by step.First Lucy taught Camden how to make up and buy some perfect outfits,and then Lucy helped Camden to extend his hair,and let Camden got some estrogen pills.After that,Camden brought Camden to cosmetic surgery clinic to rebuild his body and face.Lucy liked to share everything she had with Callie.
Finally Camden got the transgender surgery,he became Callie,a beautiful hot woman.Lucy helped Callie to arrange the date,Callie knew Bob after some club  parties,she were so into Bob,and Bob loved Callie too.When they cohabited together,Callie realized Lucy was still in single. Callie asked Lucy why.
Lucy told Callie:"I had asked out by many men before,but I had not any emotions about them,they don't like your Bob,Bob is a alpha man full with manhood,he is powerful and Proactive."
"Seriously, you can be Bob's girlfriend just like me,we can make all of us get more pleasure.I have known you some yeares,I know you do not insist on monogamy,your and I are so into Bob,and Bob can have children if he impregnate you.We will found a new type of family.I like to share my boyfriend with you,Lucy"Callie  convinced Lucy.
When Callie and Lucy both lives with Bob a year,Lucy is pregnant.She has borne a boy,and Callie becomes adoptive mother of the boy.Bob makes love with Callie and Lucy every morning and night,they are a happy couple.

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