Wednesday, April 12, 2017

An ideal marriage divinely arranged:Callie shares fortune with Lucy

An ideal marriage divinely arranged:Callie shares fortune with Lucy
"It's time,let he feeds you,we will have a child together,you will be the excellent mom,and I will be the excellent nanny."Callie is undressing her ex-wife,Lucy,and telling her the excited words.Bob,now the master of Callie,smiling and comes to Lucy,one of his hands is wandering up to Lucy's neck, the other hand is rubbing on her stockings covered legs.Bob's cock starts pumping her firmly.And Callie joins in the threesome kissing,they are all one now.
The ivory stockings,the fuck-me high heels,all selected by Callie,since she was Camden once opon,and she had been a submissive gurlfriend for Bob some days,she know what a real man like,especially about Bob's fetish.Fianlly Bob moans with the rush of his climax and fills Lucy's pussy with his hot seed.Callie cleans up all the leaking boner milk with her flexible tongue.
Lucy is satisfied now,she is not against polygamy,being one of Bob's girlfriend makes her more happy than before.Once She married with Camden,but Lucy found Camden could not get hard very strong.Camden said  he had some physical problems and his cock could no longer turn bigger just like a normal man. Camden also told Lucy that he often think about being a female as masturbating.
Lucy forgived Camden and helped him turn into female step by step.First Lucy taught Camden how to make up and buy some perfect outfits,and then Lucy helped Camden to extend his hair,and let Camden got some estrogen pills.After that,Camden brought Camden to cosmetic surgery clinic to rebuild his body and face.Lucy liked to share everything she had with Callie.
Finally Camden got the transgender surgery,he became Callie,a beautiful hot woman.Lucy helped Callie to arrange the date,Callie knew Bob after some club  parties,she were so into Bob,and Bob loved Callie too.When they cohabited together,Callie realized Lucy was still in single. Callie asked Lucy why.
Lucy told Callie:"I had asked out by many men before,but I had not any emotions about them,they don't like your Bob,Bob is a alpha man full with manhood,he is powerful and Proactive."
"Seriously, you can be Bob's girlfriend just like me,we can make all of us get more pleasure.I have known you some yeares,I know you do not insist on monogamy,your and I are so into Bob,and Bob can have children if he impregnate you.We will found a new type of family.I like to share my boyfriend with you,Lucy"Callie  convinced Lucy.
When Callie and Lucy both lives with Bob a year,Lucy is pregnant.She has borne a boy,and Callie becomes adoptive mother of the boy.Bob makes love with Callie and Lucy every morning and night,they are a happy couple.

Monday, April 10, 2017

An ideal marriage divinely arranged:Abigail gets happy

An ideal marriage divinely arranged:Abigail gets happy
"Please cun in me,make the feel I can't imagine,do whatever I never want,sir,please!"Abigail is watching her master Mike as she moaning. Bailey is looking at the camera,hoping this moment will be recorded for ever.From now on,the ex-couple,Andrew and Bailey,all will become Mike's lovers,and Andrew has become complete Abigail.

Before the love making,Bailey helped Abigail to select and grab a pair of sheer thigh highs,"It's your first time to make love with man,Mike is  your lover,he's your master,you should dress the most sexy stockings and heels for him."Bailey said.

Some yeares ago,Andrew and Bailey's parents arranged their marriage,they are too young to love,soon they lost interesting in making love,but still they had seen each other as a kind of best friend.Andrew told Bailey he liked to dress a sissy gurl,Bailey supported his thinking and helped him learned how to make up and dress.Bailey had some friends working in clinic,so she asked their help and let Andrew got the manage hormone therapy.

After the transgender surgery,Andrew became a sexy gurl and renamed as Abigail.Before the surgery,Andrew encouraged Bailey to date other man,he told the feeling about culkod was hot,since he couldn't give the manhood and warm hug to Bailey,he hoped the other man could give her.Bailey soon had a lover,Mike,he is a rich and alpha man.Bailey ofter told Andrew that how Mike fucked her all day and all night,Andrew was turned on about these.

Since Abigail finished the surgery,Bailey promised her about setting a date.When Abigail went to the dinner,she was surprised to see Mike and Bailey had been there."Silly!Of cause I arrage the best date for you,of cause my lover,Mike has interest in you,he want to date you first,and I don't want any other people to have you."Bailey smiled.

"When I first see you,I think you are so hot,you want to be loved by a real man,and I can give all what you want,let's go and have some fun after dinner."Mike said and stared at Abigail.He found Abigail wore a pair of fuck-me heels but not covered stockings.Bailey knew what he thinking,when they went to Mike's home together,Bailey chose a pair of sheer nylon stockings and helped Abigail to roll up.

They had great threesome love making that night,Mike's hands slid under Abigail's dress and caress her stocking-clad thighs, Abigail melted.When Mike's dick met almost no resistance as he entered Abigail."You are a really hot woman I ever met!"Mike said,the words made Abigail so excited.Finally,Mike exploded deep inside Abigail's hot, slick cunt,and Bailey used her tongue to clean up all the jizz leaking down.Afer that,Mike fucked Bailey and it's turn for Abigail to suck it all.

Bailey says,Abigail is not her husband now, Abigail is her some kind of mate,she thinks that means a "cuckcake",and Bailey is a cuckquean.This feeling is taboo,but it's real sense and all of them like it.Abigail is glad to taken by Mike.They cohabit together so happy,Mike calls Abigail and Bailey as "my sweety wifives",and think this meaning is "An ideal marriage divinely arranged".

What would good girl or gurl tells her load(part 3)

What would good girl or gurl tells her load:
Can we stay in bed all day today?

What would good girl or gurl tells her load:
Make me scream and come louder than you've ever heard in your life.

What would good girl or gurl tells her load:
I like thinking horny thoughts about you.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Elena forgives Max and becomes his excellent wife

 Elena forgives Max and becomes his excellent wife
When Max was 15,he was a totally bully,he ofter teased Ethan.Ethan was a thin boy and didn't dare to fight back.
But Max got older,he repented sincerely.He want to find Ethan and say sorry to him,but he could not find anything news and information about Ethan.
Max became a fund manager,he is a good man now and put his soul and monty into charity.He date a young lady,Elena.He does his best to keep Elena happy.When They cohabit together,Max told Elena his fantasy--he is eager to drove his rock hard cock into her stockings and cum,Elena satisfied Max's wish.
The next day morning,when Max woke up,he found Elena sat on the edge of the window,she was thinking about something.
Max went to hug Elena and asked what she was doing.Elena said:"Dear,if I told you a truth,would you be shocked?now,listen carefully,I,Elena,once was Ethan.Yes,It's me,Ethan,your classmate some years ago.When I was boy,I would more like to be a girl,so I had some change and therapy these years.Now I am a real girl."
Max knelt down and cried,he ask Elena forgave what he done those years,and begged Elena didn't leave him,he would do everything to keep Elena as her girlfriend.
Tears full in Elena's eyes,she said:"You silly man,of cause I love you,I just want to figure it out that how you treat me as I told you this truth,now I see everything.All our pain and fault,just for our love and true."
Max was still kneeling there and said:"Sorry I have no prepare for this moment,but would you like to marry me?"
Some days later,Elena takes Max's last name,she is an excellent housewife now.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Janet was Grays aunt Janet is Graces mom

Janet was Grays aunt Janet is Graces mom
Grace still sat on the park to wait her aunt Janet picking her up,they would went to saw an opera later.Janet was a sister of Grace's mother.When Grace's mother gone,Grace's father sent her to Janet as thinking Grace would got some comfort.At that time Grace was not a girl yet,he was Gray.Gray was a naught and silly boy just like other young guys,he often giggled for no reason.
One day Janet found Gray had stolen her outfits and stockings,when she came in his benroom,she saw Gray was crying and dressing like a girl.Janet comfort him and ask why he was so sad.
"God I am so miss mom,I can only dress like her to think about her."Gray said.
Janet knew that in fact Gray had a wounded heart inside,she told Gray that he can do everything to commemorate his mom,include dress like her.From then on,Janet began to taught Gray how to dress like a girl with class,and taught him about makeup and lady manner.Some days later,Gray told Janet that he had a fantasy about being a real girl and forgetting be Gray,Janet took him to a doctor,the doctor gave him some medication.
2 years later,after the estrogen injections and final surger,Gray had vanished and Grace wee reborn.Now She has an aura of elegance.After the opera show,when Janet drove home with Grace,Grace suddenly told her aunt she had met a kind guy who named Jack,they both loved each other,would Janet mind to have a dinner with them at home.
Janet stopped the car and said that she was so happy to heard that,if Grace like,she could let the guy went into Grace's bedroom,and they all knew what that meaned.
Grace hugged Janet and ask:"One more question,would you mind I introduce you as my mom?"
Janet finally could't help crying and said:"Of cause sweety,I will alway be your side and this is my honor and duty.I will treat you as my daughter for ever!"

Monday, April 3, 2017

April Fools' Day:stockings can keep you fit

April Fools' Day:stockings can keep you fit
"Hudson,do you see the nespaper today?"Ann asked.Hudson was Ann's cousin,he came to see aunt Jane in  summer time.So Ann had a lot of time to play with Hudson.Ann just thought Hudson was a stupid fat boy.
"Not yet,what does it report?Mate."Hudson said.
"The reporter said there is a new invention--slim stockings,people who weared that can lose weight.I will buy it,do you need some pairs?"Ann giggled.
"But it is for womwn,isn't?"Hudson was confused.
"Sure,but look at you,Hudson,you are so fat just like a pig,dressing like a woman is better than you now,haha."Ann taunted.
"Would you help me to buy some slim stockings?"Hudson saind.
At first,when Hudson began to weared the stockings Ann bought for him,he felt weired.Later and later,he felt so soft and smooth against hie leg,he could't permit his mind to try more female oufits and shoes.He fall in womanhood deeper and deeper,now he knews there is woman sleeping in his body so many years,but this woman soul has woken.
Ann was waiting for Hudson in the railway station,her mom,Jane told her Hudson would came to see them again this summer,it had passed three years.She could not see a young man left the train.
"Hey,cousin,here am I!"
Ann was shocked,she saw a beautiful girl came towards to her."Sorry,I thing you have a mistake,I am wating a young man who named Hudson,not a girl."
""It's me,dear cousin,once I am Hudson,now I am Hazel.Do you remember the tale of slim stockings?"Hazel smiled.
"'s a April you believed that?"Ann was scared.
"Sure I know it's a joke now,but three years ago,I thought that was a truth.I weared those stockings everyday and finally I found I had more feeling into being a girl,these years I learned how to be a girl,the dressing,the make up,the manner,the behaviour.I just kept practicing.I got some medication,and now I am a real girl,I have a boyfriend.He comes with me this time,and he carry the luggage behind me,would you mind to stand here to wait him a second? "
Ann saw her watch--today was not April Fools' Day.

Friday, March 31, 2017

April Fools' Day:Fooled by mates,fucked by CEO

April Fools' Day:Fooled by mates,fucked by CEO
"Tomorrow will be International Woman Day,CEO says everybody must get woman suit,this is an order."When Isaac heard this,he could't beleive it.But all of his mates said so,and he found this in Email memo,finally he think maybe this is a new custom.
Next day,when Isaac's mate back to office,they found a new secretary,beautiful face,tall and slim body,nice suit,sexy stockings,high heels,some men went to talk to her:"Hi,are you new one?"
"Are you kidding me?I am Isaac,I follow the memo,dress as woman today."Isaac said in surprise.
"What the hell!We can believe that,Isaac,you are totally a hot girl,how can you do that?The memo just is a fake,do you fotget that yesterday is April Fools' Day?All we said is fool!"

That day CEO gave Isaac a better offer--assistant Manager,it had better salary,but only woman get this job.CEO said,if Isaac took it,he must dress and make up like a real woman everyday.Secretly,CEO told Isaac if he wanted to raise,Isaac must be forced to be CEO's sissy gurl.
From then on,Isaac gone,but Isabelle is here,she has great job,including take good care the business and private life of her boss.
By the way, Isabelle bought many pair of shiny stockings,bcause her boss add a time which was named "relaxing time" after lunch.At the "relaxing time",CEO oftern cums all over her mouth and legs covered sheer stockings,so she has to replace stockings in the afternoon,and weared a new pair at night,you know what means.